Nowadays many of us need PC for various tasks. And since the price of PC is very affordable, many people are inclined towards it. However, those who want to buy a new PC must know several things well before buying a PC and then buy a PC. Otherwise, they face a lot of trouble later.


When you go to buy a PC your PC will definitely come with a casing. If you want to reduce the budget, some shops may give you a normal casing. But you can get a much better quality casing if you want. Casing is the outer covering of CPU or CPU box.

Hard drive

Hard drive is the important storage device of PC. All the data of the PC is usually stored in this place. So if the budget is high then you must get a hard drive with good storage capacity. Hard Drives There are two types of hard drives. 1. HDD, 2.SSD.Think about which of these two you will use first. Both hard drives are good but nowadays many people use SSD hard drives.


How your PC will perform usually depends on the processor. You will find many types of processors in the current market. The price of the processor usually starts from two thousand taka to lakh taka. If you want, you can buy AMD, Cyrix or Intel processors according to your budget.

Graphics Card

People who usually play games or do heavy video/photo editing work require a graphics card. And if you do general work on PC then you don’t need graphics card. So if you don’t need a graphics card with the purchase of a PC, you can use the built-in graphics card.


Usually all the components that are connected to the CPU of the computer are placed on the motherboard. Therefore, before buying a motherboard, the most importance should be given to the chipset and the brand.


It is the main memory device of the PC. Data resides in RAM until it is permanently stored on the hard disk. If you are doing more tasks then you need to use bigger RAM. Therefore, before buying a PC, buy the RAM with the motherboard.

Other Parts

Moreover, there are many other parts of the PC which you have to check from there. That is to see if everything is working. Only then you can buy something good from a market and use it well.

You can build a free pcb directly from bidistol with such parts if you want. Or you can know the price of all the PC parts of all the tools or accessories needed to make a PC.

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